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Below you can find more information about Detroit Limo Service.

Our Service

Detroit Limo Service knows that the transportation business relies on customers. That is why we do everything in our power to bend to your needs! Our service goes above and beyond and provides you not only with a smooth ride in a quality vehicle, but with a very pleasant experience and lasting memories of your special event. Many of our clients have worked with us before, and we think this speaks volumes! We make sure your trip goes off without a hitch, no matter what the occasion.

Our Employees

Detroit Limo Service hires the best in the business. No matter what their job description, all of our employees are extremely qualified. We hire professional chauffeurs that are very personable, along with being fantastic drivers. We do extensive checks of driving records and experience to guarantee safety of our clients. Our mechanics are certified to work on all of our vehicles, and they know our fleet better than they know themselves. Our porters are meticulous, making sure our vehicles are spotless and all electronics work properly before they are sent out to you. With our hardworking team, we know you will have an unbelievable experience!

Our Vehicles

We have a large fleet of vehicles that suits any occasion and situation. Enjoy a night of splendor as you ride around Detroit in your own private nightclub. Color changing lights, leather seats, granite bars, hardwood floors, flat screen televisions, and an incredible sound system set the mood for a party. Enjoy the company of your friends as you dance the night away with a drink in hand. It's the most exciting way to travel! Not only are our vehicles entertaining, but they are safe, too. Each vehicle is registered with MDOT, and state inspectors come out frequently to make sure they are up to code. We have insurance on all of our vehicles, and we make sure that they are running well or we won't send them out. Your safety is our priority!